Don’t get Duped! Tips for following Coupon Blogs

Coupon bloggers help save me time each week by doing the “match-up” work for me. They go through the store ads and find any available coupons that match the advertised sales. The good ones let their readers know which deals are the best, based on their knowledge of price points.

I cannot stress enough that frugal shopping cannot be done with out learning price points. A sale tag and a coupon doesn’t always equal a good deal.

Coupon bloggers also get tips on unadvertised deals from their readers.  Sometimes it’s these strange finds by readers that are the best deals of all.

But beware— I’ve wasted a lot of time and money in the beginning after falling for the “hurry! This won’t last!” traps of the coupon bloggers. They’re not doing all this work for sheer fun—they make money on the coupons printed by readers, as well as affiliate sales.

Here are some tips on how to follow coupon bloggers and not be duped:

  1. Prioritize. Bloggers post some really hot deals, but not every one is worth a trip to the store. Let your demand for the product guide your decision to buy it. As I mentioned above, they get paid for coupons you print from their site and other purchases you make from online store links they post. Once in a while, they post really great deals—but some of it’s just junk. Don’t end up spending more in an effort to spend less! You might be able to get 100 packs of gum for $0.25 each, but did you really have $25 to spend on gum this week?
  2. Don’t print every coupon. Many times what’s available online is also available in the newspapers. So check your existing coupons and the upcoming coupons before printing more of the same. Also, just because it’s a “rare!” or “hot” coupon doesn’t mean you need it. If it’s not a product you like or need…save your ink.
  3. Use Social Media. I follow my favorite blogs on Facebook—I find it’s the best way to keep up on any good deal tip-offs. I’m considering switching to Twitter though, as Facebook does not show all of the posts—only those it thinks you want to see. If you never like, comment or click through on a bloggers posts…it stops showing them on your wall. It’s all based on some crazy algorithm they think is helpful to the user experience. Urg.
  4. Timing is everything. I’ve mentioned before that for the drug store match-ups (Walgreens; CVS; Rite Aid), I follow The most important day to check Collin’s blog is on Saturdays (after about 4 pm). That’s when she posts her store match-ups and when I start pulling and printing coupons in preparation to hit the store.

Now if you really want to get extreme, and you have the time, there are a few more things you can do using blogs and forums. I typically don’t have the time.

  1. Search in google for ad scans of upcoming store ads. You’ll need to search by date. For instance, “Walgreens ad scan 8/26”. As long as you put the right publish date in (always a Sunday for the drug stores), you should be able to look at ads 2-3 weeks in advance. And often times, there are coupons online that disappear by the time the new week begins, so looking ahead increases your chance of getting certain coupons in advance of the sale. 
  2. Along the same lines, there are coupon forums that have threads dedicated to matching up upcoming ads. Users collaboratively post the best upcoming deals they see. is one such website. also has forums. Just beware–slickdeals attracts a lot of shady characters.
  3. Read the facebook walls of the larger coupon blogs. I can’t stand (her website makes you log in and it’s a hot mess database that’s not at all helpful), BUT she does have a large following. That means her facebook wall is full of folks sharing deals they’ve found. If you peruse the wall once a day–you’ll find some good deals. The disadvantage is that not all of the folks that share are all that ethical–so it’s up to you to sort out the coupon abuse from the legit deals.