Extreme Couponing at CVS

cvs haul

CVS, Walgreens and Target are the three stores I shop for non-food items. Sometimes food items make it into the sale–but my focus is usually on toiletries. Out of all of them, CVS is my favorite!

I use cloth diapers most of the time, but at night and when traveling, we use paper. So I never pass up a good diaper deal. Today I headed out for a deal on diapers that will keep us stocked for several months.

Here’s the deal that started today: If you spend $30 on Huggies or Pampers diapers or wipes (free to mix/match brands), you receive $10 back in Extrabucks! The diapers were sale priced $10/pack with an Extracare card (aka: the CVS member card you must have to shop there). So three packs ads up to $30 even.

diaper sale

We were also out of foam bathroom cleaner. It wasn’t on sale–but other coupons made CVS the best option for purchasing this needed item.

Finally, quality contact solution happened to be on sale–and last week I noticed we are running low. All together, this brought my total spending to $52.77–right where I wanted to be!

This is my final store receipt.


The amount I paid with my debit card–was $4.77 + tax.  I used a $20 CVS gift card that I purchased last week for $10. The $10 purchase amount would also be a part of my out of pocket costs for a total of $14.77 + tax  coming out of my monthly budget.

Plus! Because of the promotions, I received $14 in CVS ExtraCare coupons back from my purchase. $10 for the diapers, and $4 for the contact lens solution. In my world–that’s as good as cash back.


Let’s take a look at how I manged to do this using coupons.

This is a photo of all of the coupons I used in my transaction.

all coupons

In total, I used 8 coupons on 6 products by way of “stacking”. This means, I stacked store coupons on top of manufacture coupons. (Note: I took a back-up Pamper’s coupon in case the size I needed in Huggies was sold out–I ended up using it instead of the $2 Huggies coupon shown here).

Let’s go through each coupon and talk about how they work.

This is the first coupon I handed the cashier.

store coupon

I received it about two weeks ago post-purchase. I saved it in my wallet like cash. This coupon is one of my favorites–because it can be used on sale items. You can use it on almost anything, food or non-food. Gift cards, stamps, prescriptions  money orders and a few other things are not allowed.

My pre-tax total before applying this CVS store coupon was $52.77. This knocked me down to $42.77 + tax

Next, I gave the cashier my five manufacturer coupons. I had three for the diapers, one for the contact lens solution, and one for the scrubbing bubbles (it was a $1 off 2).

just manufacture coupons

This brought the $42.77 down to $30.77 + tax

Next, I redeemed at $6.00 Extrabuck that I had from a prior purchase.


Note: While this brings my out of pocket costs down for the transaction–I have to back it out later for my “bragging figure”. To calculate the final value of your products–you only count the Extrabucks earned for the current transaction–not those redeemed from prior transactions

This brought my OOP total down to $24.77 + tax

Luckily, I follow blogs and get great tip-offs. A few weeks ago, I purchased a $20 CVS Gift Card for $10 from Living Social. I applied this toward the final amount for an out of pocket total of $14.77+ tax (gift card amount included).  That’s the amount I deduct from my monthly budget

Now for my bragging figure, I just did the following math:


+ $6.00 (amount of previously earned Extrabuck)

– $14.00 (amount of Extrabucks earned from this transaction)

= $6.77 + tax is my “bragging figure” or final value for what I purchased (as long as I don’t let my earned Extrabucks expire)! 

Visit Hip2Save.com for more information on how to use coupons at CVS.


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