How to Make Kraft Mac and Cheese Healthier

It’s a cheap, quick meal that kids love. But left alone, boxed mac & cheese is high in fat and simple carbs. Here’s how to make it healthier.

  1. Wait for a sale that includes Kraft’s whole grain variety. My older daughter does not enjoy this variety as much as the creamy ones, but she’ll still eat it. The whole grains are harder to break down, so they keep you filling fuller longer. And because it’s a blend (only 50% whole grain) it goes down like regular noodles–you won’t notice much difference. I actually prefer the whole grain variety, as it’s slightly more firm and less sensitive to overcooking.
  2. Cut the butter. I know one mom that leaves it out entirely–I usually put a half tablespoon in for texture. Cutting out butter is like switching to diet pop; you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get used to it.
  3. Use skim milk.
  4. Mix in the green veggies! Frozen green beans and peas are so healthy for children. But getting them to eat them can be tricky–especially the frozen kind because they have less salt than canned vegetables  So I put everything into a bowl for them and give it a quick mix. With a little of the cheese sauce on the green veggies–they go down easy. And if you want to add a protein, beans also mix in well–my daughters prefer black beans!

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