Cheap Treats for skinny families

I have several favorite go-to foods that allow my family a little treat, and still keep our waistlines in check. The best part about them–they’re cheap eats!

Just keep in mind that all eating should be done conscientiously. Watching TV, talking on the phone or being on the internet while snacking is a good way to overeat. The mind needs to be involved, too!

  1. Reduced-fat Wheat Thins and Laughing Cow Cheese slices (low fat version). You can go to Aldi and get the generic version of this (not my favorite), or coupon it down to about $1 a box for Wheat Thins and $1.50-$2 for the cheese. The best part is that both stock well. The individually-wrapped cheese slices can stay in your fridge for months! Be sure to portion out the crackers (about 17-21).
  2. Apples and greek yogurt. Dip whichever apple type is on sale ($1 a pound is good). There are so many greek yogurt brands now and tons of coupons to help get the price down. I buy Chobani brand by the tub.
  3. Homemade Rice Krispie treats. We all need a sweet treat once in a while. Rice Krispie treats have a lot less fat that cookies. The key is portioning. As soon as they cool, cut them in small pieces and put them in baggies. Eating a whole pan defeats the purpose. 🙂 Marshmellows at Aldi are about $1 and I like stock up on Rice Krispie cereal when it’s about $2/box and I have a coupon.
  4. Nearly fat-free popcorn. This is my one exception to conscientiousness snacking. Go ahead and eat it during a movie or while your working. It’s usually 94-98% fat free. Every store sells it–and many have a generic brand. A great price point is under $1 for a box of three bags. Occasionally, you can coupon a name brand for around $.50 for a box of three bags.
  5. Celery and PB. Celery at Aldi is so cheap they nearly give it away. With some $2.00 honey peanut butter–you’ve got a protein-packed snack. Just be sure to spread a thin layer of PB on a few stalks of celery. You don’t want to overeat foods high in fat–even when it’s the good kind.
  6. Raisins and dried cranberry.  For these, coupons can be hard to come by, but Sam’s club offers a great price on Ocean Spray cranberries in a large bag. Just use sandwich baggies to portion (I never, ever eat directly out of a bag; it’s a budget and diet buster!).
  7. Chocolate lovers need something, too. Jello Pudding coupons pop up once in a while. The 60-calorie pre-packaged or boxed puddings are a great way to get a quick chocolate fix.
  8. Flavored nuts are high in protein and easy to coupon–Walgreens has Blue Diamond on sale B1G1 just about every other week. We love the ones with a little spice to them.  Just skip those covered in sugar.

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